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Boardman’s Gentle Chiropractor,
Dr. Carradine Welcomes You

The chiropractor who helps patients stay well.

Dr. Denise Carradine, Gentle Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Denise M. Carradine, Gentle Chiropractic Physician, Diplomate in Acupuncture, Over 25 years experience

Thanks for visiting! Are you looking for a natural solution to headaches or back pain? Or perhaps ways to get well and stay well that avoid drugs or surgery? You’ve found the right place! That’s because finding a qualified chiropractor in the Boardman area begins and ends right here!

Our chiropractic website is especially designed for health conscious people in the Youngstown and surrounding areas. As a chiropractor, I get to help people who suffer from neck, back and extremity problems as well as a variety of health issues. Chiropractic is safe. Chiropractic works!

Our Gentle Approach

Dr. Carradine’s gentle approach enables patients to get results quickly and obtain optimal health. We treat infants, children, adults and seniors with gentle, safe and effective care. As a Boardman chiropractor, I take pride in offering state of the art technology with modern equipment.

We offer a vast array of services including many different types of therapies, spinal decompression, rehabilitative procedures, pilates, adjusting techniques, acupuncture, x-ray, bone density testing, EMG testing, nutritional counseling, orthotics fitting and much more. We’re always attending seminars and learning new skills. Our commitment to explaining everything in advance is also often mentioned by our delighted patients.

Can We Help You?

Can our unique approach to natural relief and health care help you? Find out. We’ve helped many Youngstown area families who went from chiropractor to chiropractor and finally found results in our office.

Please don’t put it off! There’s no reason to suffer needlessly. Health problems rarely get better on their own. Begin your journey toward better health today by calling Carradine Chiropractic Center Inc.

Dr. Denise M. Carradine | Chiropractor Boardman OH | (330) 758-4446
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