Whiplash Injury Care

Boardman, OH whiplash chiropracticWhiplash refers to the “whipping” back and forth motion of the neck that often occurs in an auto accident. This rapid movement occurs within a fraction of a second and can cause significant damage to the soft tissues, joints, and spinal structures in the neck and shoulders.  If your head is not touching the headrest at the time of impact, the headrest is unable to properly protect your neck, and greater injury occurs.  If your head was rotated to the right or left at the time of impact, this also increases the damage that occurs with your whiplash neck injury.

Early treatment of whiplash injuries is important. Scar tissue will form as the injured soft tissues of your body rebuild and repair.  Treatment during the regeneration and remodeling phases of soft tissue healing from whiplash injuries is essential for optimal healing.

Dr. Carradine specializes in treating whiplash injury patients, both those with acute (new) whiplash injuries, as well as those with chronic (old) whiplash injuries.  She has successfully treated literally thousands of whiplash injury patients over the past 25 years.  Whiplash injury care may consist of gentle chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, various therapies, and other types of treatment, depending upon your particular case.  Dr. Carradine will thoroughly examine you to diagnose all areas of the body injured and determine the specific auto injury care that is most likely to benefit you.

Find out how Dr. Carradine can help you recover from whiplash injury or other auto accident injuries with safe, gentle and effective care.  Call our Boardman, Ohio office at 330-758-4446!