Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

So, you are just sitting at a traffic light or stop sign minding your own business...and then suddenly, you hear a loud crashing noise and get jolted forward in your seat, as someone else's vehicle hits yours from behind!

Hidden Damage

You may think that you were not injured if your vehicle wasn't damaged much. Today's vehicles are built better to absorb the impact, so they can take a bigger hit without getting as damaged.  When your vehicle doesn't show much damage, it often means that the force from the crash was transmitted to you, the occupant, as opposed to the vehicle.  Current research proves that serious injuries can occur with just a mild "fender bender."  Low impact collisions cause injury, too! 

Any sudden impact where the body is thrust forward then back quickly will place an unnatural demand on the muscles, ligaments, joints, and spine. Don't delay, as an untreated whiplash injury will only worsen over time!

The Solution

A trip to the emergency room will generally cost you a lot of money, and it usually doesn't stop the pain or fix your problem.  They may give you a neck brace and/or prescribe some medication that will only provide temporary relief, if any at all. If your family doctor finds nothing wrong, there remains the possibility that a whiplash injury still exists.  You need a trained professional!

Dr. Carradine specializes in treating auto accident injury patients. Patients who have sustained injuries from motor vehicle accidents and other forms of trauma need special care, and her gentle methods and numerous other types of treatments have proven highly beneficial to those involved in auto accidents.  She has treated literally thousands of patients with whiplash injury and other auto accident injures over the past 25 years. She will conduct a thorough examination of your neck, back and/or extremities and diagnose all the injuries you sustained from your accident.  If you need x-rays, we can perform them on-site!

After performing perhaps the most thorough examination you have ever had, Dr. Carradine will recommend a specific treatment plan for you, based on your injuries.  Our office provides more different types of therapies and treatments than any other office in the area, and she will recommend a rehabilitative treatment program that best suits your health needs. She is certified in gentle chiropractic methods that are very comfortable to the patient, even if you have been injured in an accident, as well as spinal decompression therapy and acupuncture (with and without needles). She understands what you are going through and has over 25 years experience treating whiplash soft tissue injuries, as well as spinal and extremity joint problems.

Find out if you have been injured in an auto accident and how we can help you by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Carradine. Call our office today at 330-758-4446!