Leg Injuries

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​When playing sports that require a lot of lower body movement, like football, soccer, basketball and running, it's not at all uncommon to suffer some type of injury to your lower extremities (hips, knees, ankles, leg muscles). Between pulled hamstrings, sprained ankles, knee injuries, and more, a number of players have found themselves sidelined not only during practices, but games, as well. Fortunately, chiropractic can help prevent some of these from occurring and research proves it!

For instance, in one study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, researchers from Macquarie University in Australia studied 59 semi-elite Australian Rules footballers. Approximately one-half of the participants were placed in a control group and the other half were put in a treatment group that received sports chiropractic care at regular intervals. During the first six weeks, this meant receiving chiropratic care once per week. The following three months consisted of a chiropractic adjustment for particpants every two weeks before reducing those to one visit monthly for the final three months of the study.

Researchers noted that there was a "significant" difference in the number of lower limb strains that the players received in the chiropractic treatment group when compared to the control group. The control group, which did not receive the benefit of chiropractic care sufferred more strain injuries than the group that received chiropractic care. Furthermore, they also noticed that the subjects who engaged in chiropractic care also had fewer weeks of missed practice and games as a result of non-contact knee injuries. This led the researchers to conclude that sports chiropractic intervention should be added to "the current best practice management."

Gentle chiropractic care can help prevent lower limb injuries for athletes, which means more game time and less time spent on the bench!

Dr. Denise Carradine is right here in Boardman, Ohio to help you recover from a sports injury, and she can help prevent sports injuries from ocurring. She has been successfully treating leg injuries and other types of sports related injuries for over 25 years and offers many different treatment options. Give us a call today at 330-758-4446 for an appointment!


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