Nutritional Evaluations

At our office, we believe that given the proper nutrition, your body has amazing capabilities of healing itself. We also believe that nutrition should be individualized to meet each patients needs. We can provide diet recommendations, but some patients may require nutritional supplementation, as well. Unfortunately, a cup of spinach today does not have the same nutritional value as it did 50 years ago. For instance, to get the same amount of iron found in 1 cup of spinach in 1945, you would now have to eat 65 cups! Commercial farming has robbed the soil of precious minerals, and the modern fertilization used does not replenish all the nutrients taken from the soil with today’s commercial farming methods, which focus on mass production.

Computerized Nutritional Evaluations

Therefore, Dr. Carradine conducts computerized nutritional evaluations and also provides nutritional response testing for our patients. Our office proudly recommends Standard Process nutritional products and cleansing program. The quality of nutritional supplements hinges on the quality of the raw materials they are made from. That’s why Standard Process grows many of the raw materials used in their products on company-owned, organically certified farmland. Only after testing the mineral and nutrient levels of the soil do they plant organic seeds and nurture them through the growing season. After harvesting, Standard Process uses exclusive, patented separation and extraction processes and unique low temperature, high vacuum drying methods to ensure that the nutrients remain intact with all the goodness that nature has provided. Just as nutritional value is lost when vegetables are cooked, heat used in the processing of supplements likewise destroys nutrients. Unlike mass produced products containing high concentrations of only a few nutrients combined with synthetic materials, Standard Process products provide quality nutrients in natural forms not destroyed by processing, which are readily absorbed by your body.

Dr. Carradine has over 25 years experience providing nutritional support to health conscious patients.  Our office welcomes the opportunity to help you improve your diet and determine if any nutritional deficiencies exist.  Call our office today at 330-758-4446 for a nutritional evaluation!