Electrical muscle stimulation is a special form of therapeutic electrical current that is administered at the site of soft tissue injury, especially muscles to aid in the relief of pain and promotion of soft tissue healing.

Applying tiny electrical pulses to specific areas of your body reduces pain, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces muscle spasm, relaxes or stimulates the nervous system and aids in the healing process. These special electrical signals release enkephalin and endorphin, which are two natural pain relievers.

Electrical muscle stimulation is typically recommended in cases where pain is accompanied by swelling and inflammation. Ligament sprains, muscle strains and muscle spasms often respond favorably to this treatment, helping to reduce atrophy and increase blood circulation. Our office offers a variety of different types of electrical muscle stimulation treatments. Call us to find out more or to schedule your appointment at (330) 758-4446!

Patient Benefits

Electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound therapy can be applied simultaneously for dual benefit.

  • Reduces painful symptoms
  • Diminishes muscle spasms
  • Decreases local swelling
  • Promotes muscle tone
  • Restores normal movements
  • Releases the body’s natural pain killers
  • Accelerates the healing process