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“Sit Up Straight” – Mother Was Right.

Remember when your mother used to say things like, “Eat all your vegetables.” And, “Look both ways before you cross the street.” “A person is known by the company they keep.” And let’s not forget her mantra, “Sit up straight!”

Proper Sleeping Positions

You should sleep about 8 hours in each 24 hour day. This equates to 1/3 of your life, so if not done properly, it will have a profound effect on your spine. There are two proper sleeping positions for spinal health, which include sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side: Read More >>

Is Your Pillow a Pain in the Neck?

There are down ones, cotton ones, memory foam ones, cervical ones, feather ones, and more. When it comes to finding the pillow that’s right for you, it really is a jungle out there! We want to help you figure out how to choose a pillow that will give you the support and great sleep that you need. Read More >>

The Art of Lifting

One of the best ways to keep your back pain-free, and one that all too many overlook, is the fine art of proper lifting.

Think about how you lift a heavy object, for example, a box filled with books. Do you just bend over from the waist to lift it? If so, you are putting yourself at serious risk for pain and damage. Read More >>

How to Get In and Out of Your Car

Did you know that there is a proper way to get in and out of your car? Well, believe it or not, there is, and it is especially important that seniors and those who have arthritis practice these simple maneuvers to enter and exit a car safely.

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